Hi everyone, I am a software design engineer working primarily as a backend web developer. I deal with various technologies however, in particular I am interested in working more with embedded Linux systems (e.g. IoT devices).

I am currently based in Kent, England but I am just 1 hour away from London on the train.

Some of the technologies I have experience with:

  • Python (in-depth knowledge).
  • HTML5/CSS/JS (in-depth knowledge).
  • C/C++ (intermediate).
  • Other scripting languages: PHP, Perl.
  • Version control: SVN & Git

Outside of work I have a number of interests. I studied electronic engineering at Bristol University and have maintained an interest in electronics since then, with some hobbyist electronics projects.

I try to stay active in my free time. In particular, I enjoy cycling, both for work and leisure with a mixture of on and off-road cycling. In 2015 I circumnavigated the Isle of Wight for the Isle of Wight randonnee.

I recently spent some time over the summer travelling around Europe and took the opportunity to gain some photography experience. You can see some of the highlights of the trip here.